KLONER3D®  is a line of industrial printers that eliminates all the limits of low-cost printers and reduces the cost of the professionals. Combines the advantages of both and makes the world of 3D printing easy, fast and reliable.

  • Industrial standards for design, production and assembly.
  • Mechanical movement made of professional parts to ensure maximum movement resolution.
  • Main frame made of ground aluminium for maximum strength and mechanical precision.
  • Professional printer head completely redesigned for print reliability, quality and repeatability. 
  • Print bed made of ground aluminium for maximum flatness and no adjustments or leveling.
  • No assembly required for mechanics, electronics or cabling components.
  • Closed printing environment at controlled temperature. 
  • Compact external case, perfect for any desktop.
  • Possibility of remove easily the print head (quick release system) for easy replacement with another head with different characteristics or for mounting customizables accessories (3D scanner, laser, electric tools, pick'n'place or similar).

KLONER3D printers are made entirely in Italy, from mechanics to electronics, ensuring industrial standards. Is the ideal choice for any designer, team development, business that needs a competitive tool for the production of its products.

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