The strategic choice of Clevertek, right from the beginning in favor of integrated design, has never prevented to offer customers highly specialized services on individual disciplines. 

Moreover Clevertek has been often proposed as a successful partner of other specialized companies in different industrial sectors such as food and biomedical.

Below, a list of some professional services that Clevertek has performed over the years, in strict accordance of the high standards which conforms always.


  • Preliminary calculation - temperature performance on the firefighting tank;
  • "Fluidic of the system" evaluations of the loading and unloading lanes in a steel plant;
  • Environmental rehabilitation of the loading and unloading lanes in a steel plant (ANSYS simulation);
  • Evaluations and validation of mathematical model of the behavior of input fumes in loading and unloading lanes in a steel plant;
  • CFD analysis of the behavior of structural variants of the loading and unloading lane of a steel plant;
  • Electrical system for storage of paints;
  • Hydraulic dimensioning of a turbine for the hydroelectric power plant;
  • Treatment plant for atmospheric emissions;
  • Atmospheric emissions: treatment for gas - vapors;
  • Atmospheric emissions: study of the cyclone;
  • Atmospheric emissions: study of the plume, environmental impact;
  • Plant for dust suppression;
  • Plant for recovering energy in a steel mill.


  • System for the control of temperature and humidity during mixing the aliment;
  • Energy recovering from induction plate;
  • Sensor for measurement of flow fluids non-conductive, non-homogeneous with high viscosity;
  • System for storing potential energy during compression and subsequent reuse;
  • Automated ligation system for bundles of tubes;
  • Vane pump for non-homogeneous fluids with high viscosity;
  • Piston pump for non-homogeneous fluids with high viscosity;
  • Thermoregulation system for "tempering" of chocolate.